Sunday, July 8, 2012

NOTD + random haul

Avon Viva Pink and Essence Waking Up In Vegas are beautiful combination especially for warm summer days. Today I have them on my nails and you can see how pretty they look in the sun.

Few days ago I went to my local drug store to buy few things that I need and of course I came back home with something extra.

I needed new deodorant, my go to deodorant has always been Dove Original. Then Balea face wipes, my favorite Ebelin cotton pads, and nail polish remover. For the first time I bought Essence Nail Polish Remover Ultra and after using it few times I can say that I prefer other Essence nail polish removers especially because of their new formula. I doubt I will buy this one again. Last item I planed to buy was Balea Trend It Up dry shampoo. It is a good product but then again I don't use it very often and I didn't really tested different brands. But as much as I need it it is not bad at all.
Now on to my random picks. Balea Juicy Melon shower gel. Smells so good!! I always find weird the fact that I don't like melon but I adore how it smells...Next product is Essence Make-Up To Match Light Medium. I tried it few times and I'm still not sure what I think about it. I can't say that is a bad product but I don't think it is great either. This is more of tainted moisturizer then a foundation. This is something you use when you want a light coverage, there fore it is not bad for summer when I don't wear a lot of make up. When I use Make-Up To Match I usually wear loose powder as well, together they work great on my skin.

My last random pick is Balea Bodybutter Kakao. Maybe not very summery but I wanted it for some time and I'm glad that I finally bought it. Great product, I love the smell and the quality! 


  1. I love looking at other people's haul posts! Your NOTD are fab, that Essence topcoat is one of my favourite polishes.


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