Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TV shows:Fairly Legal, Dallas, Bunheads

Fairly Legal

Fairly Legal ended season 2 two weeks ago. Fairly Legal is midseason TV show and it I'm always glad to watch it. The center of this legal drama is Kate who is a mediator and she works in law firm. Kate is very likable character and is is interesting to watch how she handles work and her love life. Season 3 is not approved yet but I hope it will be. If there will be more episodes of Fairly Legal I hope that there will be little bit more personal life scenes because they are my favorite part. Season 2 was very good, I didn't liked the way it ended and hopefully they will be able fix it next season.


Dallas is continuation of original soap opera that aired from 1978 to 1991. Basically this is the story of new generation. Ewing family is in oil bussiness and this shows offers everything juicy soap opera should have. You know the usual: lies, manipulation, skeems... and it seams that everyone has some kind of secret agenda because everyone is crossing or double crossing everyone   It has been such a long time since I watched old school soap and I must say I kinda like it. The cast of the show is mostly familiar. Beside original cast members the rest of the cast are actors we know very well. First there is Jordana Brewster from Fast and Furious, then there is half of Desperate Housewives cast ( Jessie Metcalfe, Josh Handerson and Brenda Strong). Anyway, this is no masterpiece but if you looking for easy summer fun...go ahead. 


Now this is something!!If you liked Gilmore Girls you are going to love this as well. This show is created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls. Bunheads really remind me of Gilmore Girls but I don't think that is a bad thing at all. This is something so adorable, likable and relaxing...I watch it with the smile on  my face. Small town, dance studio, ballerinas, nice characters and great lead characters Michelle and her mother in low Fanny. I love, love, love it and of course I recommend it!!Perfect summer Tv show, even though I wouldn't mind watching it through fall and winter. Hopefully this will go on for more then 1 season!


  1. Odgledala FL, Dalas me nesto ne privlaci a s' ovim Bunheads-icama jos nisam nacisto :))

    1. Dallas je prava pravcata sapunica, pogotovo prve dvije epizode. Ne znaš ko koga :)Da se nije poravilo u sljedećoj odustala bi al sad mi je ok.
      Bunheads obožavam!

    2. Znaci Dalas no-no ;) Bunheads mi je za pred spavanje..ne moram mnogo da se udubljujem :))

    3. Ako nisi za old school sapunjare, preskoči ;)


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