Thursday, July 12, 2012

China Glaze Pool Party

While I'm waiting for China Glaze Summer Neons to arrive in mail I still like to wear bright colors. When it comes to bright pink it can't get much better then China Glaze Pool Party. Pool Party is screaming bright pink and I am so in love with it. I bought it at the end of last summer and it was great way to warm up cold days during winter and now when is soooo hot outside this is the prefect nail polish. 
Looking at Pool Party I can't wait to try Summer Neons, I think that for me China Glaze polishes will be summer hit because I will probably have one of them on my nails all the time :)

What is your favorite nail color during summer? What do you prefer brights or pastels?


  1. Amazing polish!
    I love both neons and pastels for the summer. The choice what to wear on my nails really depends on my mood and what I am wearing.

  2. WOOOOOOOW that´s sooo bright! But I love it!
    I like both bright and pastels, I can´t pick lol.


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