Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, GCB and 2 broke Girls - the end of season

TV season is slowly coming to the end, here is little something about TV shows I watch. Just be careful there are some SPOILERS!

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 ended at Thursday. Still my favorite TV show even thought by the end of the season things got little bit messy. First part of Season 3 was going great, I was really happy how the story was going on and how new characters fit into it, also how they fit with old characters. Main focus was still on our main characters and there was always famous TVD triangle. After winter break things got  messed up a little and everything went down hill. One episode was great,  one was bad,  one was good, one was average... and story was running in circles. Elena loves Damon, Elena loves Stefan, Elena doesn't know who she loves...Vampires, hybrids, ware wolfs, hunters, doppleganger, witches, ghosts and the one I simply can't swallow Alaric's evil alter ego - vampire hunter. They just had to do something with Alaric, I guess they run out of ways to kill him...Alaric was one of my favorites and not just that he is gone they had to ruin him before they killed him off. Season finale was very disappointing, everything I didn't wanted to happen. Klaus is still alive just in different body - again, Bonnie made one stupid decision after another, Elena made a (wrong) choice and like that is not enough she is a vampire. WHY????? Also can someone please tell my where the hell is Katherine????

Overall season was not bad, last few episodes made me angry but there was also a lot of good things. For example real Delena kiss, the one all the Delena fans are waiting since the beginning of the show. It finally happened. Also Original family and Stefan and Damon relationship  
I'm still under season finale impression but soon it will pass and I will be crying for new episodes...September where are you??
What do you think about Season 3 of TVD? Tell me your opinion about season finale!

The Secret Circle

Well before I start I should say that unfortunately TSC got canceled. It is such a shame. The Secret Circle is not among the best TV shows for sure but it was really fun to watch it. Fist part of season wasn't that great, there was to many questions and not one single answer which made a lot of the viewers to give up from TSC. After winter break things got much better but it was already too late. Season finale was great and I was hoping for Season 2 because the way everything ended there is so much potential for amazing story next season. Not just that we won't be able to see turn of the events that happened this season, the show is also left unfinished. Don't you hate when something like that happens?


Another TV show which will not live to see another season. That is just unfair. GCB was hilarious TV show, it is a shame that they didn't get another chance. This is something you watch when you just want to relax and lough a little. I will miss them for sure, I think I will have to rewatch some episodes. 
Have you seen GCB? What do you think about it?

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls Season 1 ended at Monday. The season was good, not the best sitcom I ever seen but not bad at all. I will probably continue to watch it in Season 2. I liked Season finale and I'm looking forward to see what will happen next.


  1. Otkazali krug, zavrsili se sta cu ja sad da gledam???????
    Neki predlog za letnju sezonu (posto nam se ukusi totalno poklapaju)???

    1. Ne znam jel gledaš True blood? Od novih počinje Dallas, izgleda kao sapunica al već vidim da ću se navuć :) Ja po ljetu obično gledam ono što ne stignem tjekom sezone ili počnem nešto starije. Ovo ljeto u planu mi je dovršiti Mad Man i Pushing sigurno ću si nadodat još nešto :)

    2. Odgledala Daisies, gledam MM a True blood me nikako ne privlaci :)Zagledah sicnoc Common Law..mozda i ne bude lose :)

  2. OMG THE SECRET CIRCLE GOT CANCELLED?! HOW WILL I EVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THEN?! Noooooooo):):): And I'm terribly upset with TVD too. At least 2 broke girls seems to be going well(:

    1. TSC Season 2 would be great, there are TSC books and that may be the the way to find out what will happen but still I want to watch the show :(


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