Monday, May 21, 2012

Swap + new in

Recently I did a swap with Shayna from The Polish Jinx. Shayna wanted some Catrice nail polishes and I will try Julep nail polishes for the first time. I have Samantha, Helena and Blake. I like them a lot and I can't wait to try them. For now I only tried Samantha but Helena and Blake will be on my nails very soon :)

Almost  two months ago I decided that I will not buy nail polishes for a month. I was successful at my intent and  even when one month gone by I was holding on good. On the picture above you can see 3 nail polishes that I bought. Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish - 65K ( I will probably post swatches soon because pictures are ready ), Essence Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base, Essence Nail Art - More Then A Silver. 
Today I was at my local drugstore and I couldn't resist when I saw Catrice Ultimate Shine - Pink Panther 

Which one do you want to see first?


  1. Aww, pink panther please!
    Btw, have you seen Studio Nail top sealer in the stores where you buy Essence? I can't find it in my country and it's really an HG product for me!

    1. I saw it, I hope they will get it afterwards!

  2. Hjoj kako su lepi lakici i te jarke boje. :3 <3

  3. Jedva čekam vidjeti ove Julep lakiće!


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