Saturday, May 26, 2012

Julep Samantha

Julep Samantha is the first Julep nail polish that I tried from three that I have. I recently did a swap with Shayna from PolishJinx and she suggested me to try Julep nail polishes. I agreed right away, mostly because they have many beautiful colors and because I like to try new brands. Julep is something I can't get anywhere around here and it was a good chance for me to try it. Julep Samantha is gorgeous, screaming bright pink. Even pictures can show you how bright it is, there is no way that your nails are unnoticed with this one. When I first saw Samantha in person it reminded me to China Glaze Pool Party, they are not 100% dupes but they are really close ( Samantha is just a little bit darker ). Both of them will probably be my summer favorites because neon colors like that are made for summer.

The bottle contains 8 ml of product. Application was little bit tricky at first but I adjusted very quickly and everything was easy and smooth after. The finish of Julep Samantha is matte.


  1. IT looks amazing! I just love how bright it is!

  2. So glad you like it! Anytime anyone is looking for Juleps I am THRILLED to do a swap. There are always tons of European polishes on my wish list!

  3. wow, preluda boja, obožavam *.*

  4. *Sigh* This discontinued this color. Would be nice to have a julep polish with my name



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