Friday, May 25, 2012

Catrice Ultimate Shine Pink Panther

Few days ago I was in my local drugstore and I saw Catrice Ultimate Shine Pink Panther, it was a quick look and I decided to buy it. This wasn't something I needed, I bought it because I felt like it :) When I do something like that sometimes I regret it but not this time. The color of the lipstick is very pretty, something I like to wear during spring and summer. When you apply it on your lips it feels like a lip balm and it is very comfortable. The lipstick also has a lot of silver shimmer, which makes it look shiny on your lips. The shade is called Pink Panther and you can probably assume how it looks like. Another appropriate name would be Barbie pink. This will be something I will wear a lot during daytime, for a night out I will reach for something else. 
In the end I'm glad that I got it, is been some time since a bought a new lipstick...and it always feels good to have some new makeup product :)


  1. prekrasna je boja. ja imam jedan njihov mini katalog i prikazan je jedan ruž ali nikao nemogu odgonetnit koja bi to boja bila pored one tabele unutra jer uzivo su boje drugačije od onih na papiru.

  2. Very pretty colour! A new pink lipstick always makes my day :)


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