Thursday, May 17, 2012

Desperate Housewives - the end

Desperate Housewives ended at Sunday after 8 seasons. This is the TV show I was watching the longest and  it will be really weird without it. When it first came it was my favorite TV show and I adored the characters, mysteries , humor and that amazing "desperate housewives atmosphere" I'm glad that during the  entire show main characters stayed the same, especially four leading ladies. I hate when after two or three seasons half of original cast is gone, so for me this is great even thought I still wish Edie stayed as part of them. However, I think that I'm not wrong when I say that everyone has seen at least one episode of Desperate Housewives which is a big deal. My favorite season is the first one of course, but I also love season 2, 3 and 4. Season 5 was probably the worst season, five year jump into the future was not really the best move and even though seasons 6,7 and 8 were much better then that it was clear that the show should come the the end. They lost their spark and I think it is best if they are finished now because if they waited  few more years they would be completely washed out. Eight seasons is more then enough and the fact that they aired for so long is a great success.

Season 8 started great but when we got deeper into the season I was glad that this is the last one. There was a lot of potential  but somehow everything looked little bit sloppy. Despite all that I was looking forward to each episode because I knew that I will miss them when they are gone. Before season finale I was really exited to see the end. Main question was is there going to be a happy end or housewives end up desperate? Most of the finale was okay, but last 15 minutes of the show was perfection for me.  They showed us what will happen with each of of them. Not just that it was a happy end but the beautiful scenes when one life ends and new life begins, last poker game,  Susan's last ride through the lane...I really love it and I'm glad it ended this way.
Did you watch Desperate Housewives? Are you going to miss them or you are glad they ended?


  1. I've watched it pretty much since the begining. To be honest, I haven't watched the past few seasons as regiously as I did the first couple, though. I agree that it ended at the right time.

    What did you think about that woman at the end though? Are they leaving things open for a possible spin-off?

    1. I loved the scene with woman in the end. I don't know about spin off, to me it seam that they showed that even thought one story is over secrets and neighbor's dirty laundry is still here. They had full circle but life goes on...that is how I see it :)


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