Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy, Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl - end of season

First of all I want to wart you that there are few spoilers...

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is probably the best new TV show this season. I already told you how much I like this show, and I will tell you now again! I enjoyed each episode, I love the characters and I love how the story comes together. Once Upon A Time is a show about fairytale characters living in our world - world without magic. In each episode we had a chance to see what happened in the past and what is happening now which gives a chance to collect the pieces together and discover the story behind the characters and what connects them. 
Season finale was amazing. I have to admit I had tears in my eyes few times...true love kiss  was my favorite scene. 
I can't wait for new season 2 to come and to see what will happen now when the curse is broken and magic is here.

Grey's Anatomy

Before season finale my look back at the season would be totally different. It was a great season of Grey's Anatomy but they ruin everything in the season finale. I understand that with they wanted to go big in the season finale because Grey's Anatomy is known for great, shocking and unexpected finals but this one is just too much for me. I think that the final of season 8 was the worst Grey's Anatomy episode ever. Not just that they killed off Lexie, a girl that everybody loves, everything else in the episode looked sloppy and it didn't make much sense. I would be fine if they decided to get rid off Lexie in some other way...if she left town or something, but to kill her like this is just cruel and I hate it. Not to mention that they were building up Lexie and Mark relationship through the hole season...and this is how it ends. Before the final I was really happy with the season and I was glad when they announced that Grey's Anatomy will go on for two more seasons but now I'm not excited about it any more. I will continue to watch it for sure, but it seams to me that there will be the same story again: depression and bunch of new doctors...

Hart of Dixie

Last week Hart of Dixie ended their first season.Hart of Dixie is the prefect show when you want to relax. It is easy going and I like it very, very much! I'm happy that season 2 is approved, because I know that I will be waiting for each episode to come out. This show like any girly dramedy has it all: lovable female character, two hot guys and a villain...Everything you need to have little bit of love drama. Maybe this isn't anything new, because almost every show out there has love triangle and love pain but I like this show anyway. It is simple, funny and keeps me smiling all the time. 

Gossip Girl

What can I say about Gossip Girl? With the end of season 5 we are back where we were in the beginning of the show. Season 6 will be the last one, so there is only 11 episodes of Gossip Girl left. I think that is a good thing because I don't see the point of going in circles again and again...and that is all Gossip Girl was last 2-3 seasons. I didn't buy Blair&Dan relationship at all, as well as Blair being a princess ( after she got married we didn't even saw her prince any more and pretty much everything was the same... ) I hope that in season 6 we will find something about real gossip girl ( I want to see Kristen Bell at least for a second  ) and that Chuck and Blair will be back together...The rest is not that important to me :)  
Share you thoughts with you watch any of these TV shows?

If you thought I'm done with TV shows...well   There is more to come...

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