Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catrice The Berlin Collection eye and cheek palette

Catrice Berlin palette is finally in my hands. Few days ago I went to the drugstore and I was very surprised to see Big City Life limited edition. That collection was supposed to come to the stores months ago and I really thought that we will not see it here but surprisingly it came. I'm very happy about that because I think that Big City Life was the best Catrice LE last year. Beside Berlin on the display were also London palette and all nail polishes. It is a shame that we didn't get Sydney and New York palettes because those two palettes seam to be something I would like too but something is better then nothing!

The Berlin Collection eye and cheek palette has six eyeshadows ( 1.5 g each ),  blush and bronzer ( 2,5 g each ), kajal and applicator.   Each color has a name inspired by famous place in Berlin. 
All the eyeshadows are shimmery and they are very pigmented.Colors are neutral and it is easy to wear them in any occasion. It is easy to make neutral day look, night look and also smokey eye.  Here are swatches ( click to enlarge ) :

Bronzer / blush

At first I thought that bronzer won't work very well for me, but it is actually pretty good as well as the blush. At  first it seam that it won't be visible on my skin but it looks very nice. Both blush and bronzer are great for day, for night look I will probably reach for some other cheek product.

Kajal and applicator are also additions to the palette but I'm not sure how much I will use them.

Overall I really like Berlin palette. The quality is very good, I used eyeshadows only with base  but I think that even without it they would last. The packing is beautiful and it is great if you are traveling because not just that you have all eyeshadows you need there are no worries that some of the eyeshadows or blushes will crack. 
Do you like Catrice Big City Life? What kind of eyeshadows do you like, neutral or bright?


  1. Baš izgleda odlično paleta, sve boje koje bih ja koristila. Meni je najdraži look - smokey eyes :)

    1. I ja obožavam ovakve boje, s neutralnim bojama nema greške :)

  2. Meni se bronzer nije svidio, a i većinu ovih nijansi sjenila već imam. Strašno sam željela Sydney a ni kod nas nije došao. Glupost.

    1. Ni meni na prvu nije sjeo ali kad sam ga isprobala može proć, iako mislim da ću ga najviše koristiti sada dok je sve još novo. Nebi se čudila da kasnije zaboravim na njega. Na ovakava sjenila sam slaba, nikad mi nije dosta :)

  3. nije loša paletica, preskočila sam je jer zaključih da već imam dovoljno okoloočnih stvarčica ;-D
    uhvatila sam dva laka iz ove kolekcije, sasvim dovoljno ;-D


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