Friday, May 18, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Full Spectrum and Ray-Diant

China Glaze Prismatic collection is full of beautiful glitter nail polishes, since I'm addicted to anything glittery I couldn't pass on this collection. Unfortunately I can't have them all so I narrow my choice to two polishes: Full Spectrum and Ray-Diant. When they first came in mail I wasn't very excited, yes they are pretty but somehow I wasn't impressed. You can imagine that everything changed when I applied them on my nails. Both of them are gorgeous and I can't choose my favorite. 

Full Spectrum is light purple base nail polish with loads of light purple micro glitter and larger rainbow glitter. It is very pretty, soft and girly. Two coats are enough for full opacity, it is easy to apply and it drys fast. 

Ray-Diant is clear base nail polish with loads of green-gold glitter and larger rainbow glitter. The color is pretty, it is mostly green but every now and then the gold comes out too. On the picture bellow I have two coats and as you can see it is opaque. Application of Ray-Diant was easy as well and it drys fast too. 

I love both polishes and I'm glad I picked up these two...If you love glitter like I do this could be something for you because they are really pretty and eye catching. Another good thing about them is that they can be worn alone or layered over some other nail polish. Maybe in the future I will try them like that too, but for now I will enjoy them on their own. They are just too pretty to mix them with anything else, at least for now.


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