Sunday, July 19, 2015

Greay's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder - end of season

Finally time for last part of my TV show recap. I had this in my drafts for so long and now I finally have some time to finish this post. It is at least two months too late but better late then never haha...This will be Shonda-post. You might notice that three shows I will mention in this post are made by one and only Shonda Rhimes. I can't resist her shows. You know you will get a lot of drama if is anything related to her, she always has interesting stories with twists and turns and you can bet that there will be at least one character you will love. Her problem is that she gets carried away in all that drama and suddenly there is so much death and brutality that you wonder what kind of show is this. Through all these years I know on what I can expect from her shows but one thing this year shocked me, insulted me even. You know I'm talking about Grey's Anatomy.

I know this is only a TV show, so don't get me wrong. But I take my shows very seriously haha. So when I watch  Grey's Anatomy, show that I watch and love for years and years and then suddenly they just decide it will be a good idea to kill Derek Shepard...with no particular reason, with loads of oversight I get angry. I was honestly angry for days. If they want him out of the show, fine...there was a pretty good way to do that. For some reason they decided it will be better if they shock us. Well, this time shock became disappointment for many because after years of killing and accidents that these characters had they lost all the impact. I'm shocked when something nice happens. I have a feeling that they had some psycho rush first when they killed of fan favorite Denny back and season 2 and George in season 5. So now let's just kill them all.The way this is going characters in Game Of Thrones could have better chances for survival.

Moving on...So much drama in Scandal.This is the show where every single characters has questionable morals but maybe that is what makes it fun to watch. Sometimes they are so over the top with all mighty papa Pope and B613 but I always look forward to new episode. When I compare Scandal with other White House related shows like House Of Cards and Homeland, Scandal turns out to be juicy soap but that doesn't make it less fun to watch.

Last show for today is How To Get Away With Murder. Most of us is probably wondering why the title isn't longer but I guess we can live with this one. I was very curious about HTGAWM when I first saw it and I can tell you that I wasn't disappointed at all. When you see Viola Davis in lead role you have to stop and take a look...if you add Shonda and kid from Harry Potter this is something I would definitely have to check out. The show is about law students and their professor that work together on different cases but somehow all of them are involved in murder plot. Shonda Rhimes isn't afraid to be cruel to her characters so you know you can expect anything. With that being said I didn't expect that I will like this so much and that season finale will be so good! I was truly shocked and amazed with the story and like that wasn't enough they gave us amazing cliffhanger. This is actually show what Pretty Little Liars is trying to be for 5 seasons... I can't wait for season 2.

To conclude this post I will just say that in fall Shonda Rhimes has another TV show coming, called The Catch and you know I will be watching. I just can't help myself :)


  1. OK sad moram guglati tko to iz Harryja Pottera glumi u How to get away...!!!! Pogledala sam sezonu u par dana, zanimljiva je, ima puno plot twistova.. I bet you the boyfriend didn't do it!!! (referiram se na zadnju scenu).. a ni Frank! Netko od koga to ne bismo očekivali ziher :D

    1. Haha, nisam ni ja skužila iz prve :)
      Hmm...slažem se, sigurna sam da će nas iznenaditi.

  2. I've never seen Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder but I've been watching Grey's since it first started airing and I was devastated when Derek died. Full-on snot crying. Dawson Leery crying. I had a migraine the next day! I hate that they did that, I just think it's all done for ratings and there was no need for it. I just started watching from Season One again and I'm going to enjoy that until the bad things start happening!

    1. I agree with you!! I was angry for days! This one was completely unnecessary!


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