Friday, July 3, 2015

Random #11

It is so hard to find time and motivation for my blog right now. I really want to continue but with constant lack of time I can't find a way to write a decent post. I have bunch of drafts and ideas for my blog but somehow they are only words on paper and even though I started some posts and taken some photos I never get the time to post it. I hope I will go out of this bubble very soon.

I spend most of my free time with my daughter, we love to spend time outside and with my job and  house work I'm left with free evenings. I find that watching TV shows once again is the best way to relax me...House Of Cards, Greek and Modern Family are my go to shows right now.
In a few weeks I'm going on vacation my family and we already counting days...before that we have 2 weddings to attend and I still have to find not one but two dresses. I'm tired of stalking Mango and Asos so I'm probably just go to the mall and hope for the best haha.
I hope a you have great time this summer and that you appreciate this little update from me, hopefully I will be at my regular blogging very soon.


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