Friday, July 10, 2015

Essence Arriba!: Festival Of Colors

Time for new Essence glitter top coat. I always say I'm not the biggest fan of Essence glitter toppers because they are hard to apply on my nails, there is just small amount of glitter when you apply it in "normal" way with the brush. Since I discovered sponge method I bought few glitters because I simply can't resist them. The same thing happened with Festival Of Colors. Beautiful mix of colorful, different size and shape glitter. There are flower, hex and bar glitter in blue, white, red, peach... This time I applied Festival Of Colors with sponge ( I used Essence Colourbration as base color ) and I was surprised to see that there is only medium amount of glitter left on my nails. I wish there were more and once again I think Essence should put more glitter in their toppers. However, this way it looks nice too and if you can apply few layers to get more glitter. In conclusion, pretty nail polish but there is no Wow! factor.

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