Thursday, March 1, 2012

Preview: Essence Trend Edition Fruity

In April 2012 there will be new Essence Trend Edition called Fruity. This fruity-fresh and creamy seductive collection contains blush sorbet, eyeshadow sorbet,  lip balms, nail polishes and decorative nail fruits (nail glue is included). Fruity TE looks really nice, colors are pretty spring pastels and I bet that all of this products will smell really nice!! I can't wait to see all of this products in real life, now looking at the press pics blush sorbet and nail polishes get most of my attention! I will probably reach for nail fruits too!
What do yo think about Fruity collection? 

Blush sorbet: Smoothie Operator

Eyeshadow sorbet: Peach Beauty, Banana Joe, One Kiwi Day

Lip balm: Peach Beauty, Very Cherry

Nail polishes: Banana Joe, Peach Beauty, Very Cherry, One Kiwi Day, Mashed Berries

Top coats: Stay Fruity, Smells Like Strawberry

Nail fruits: Fruit Punch To Go


  1. Bome će nas napadati pčele :)

    1. Haha...nisam se toga sjetila. Al ne vejerujem da će nas to spriječiti u pohodu na ovu kolekciju...

  2. JEdva cekam, jedva cekam :D Izgleda mi divno, bas cu se radovati kad stigne :)

  3. auuu noviteta! catrice,essence,da bankrotira covjek

  4. već vidim da ovaj blush mora biti moj!

  5. the polishes are very cute!

  6. wow!! I really hope it'll come to my country, I want almost everything!!

  7. neki zanimljivi lakići. što to imaju u sebi? ili se to meni samo čini? :D


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