Monday, March 19, 2012

Sinful Colors Folly

Few days ago I got my first Sinful Colors nail polishes, I want to try them all right away and the first one that is on my nails is Folly. I applied it on Saturday and it is still here, hopefully it will stay at least until tomorrow and then I'm jumping on next one. Application of Folly was easy, the brush is very thin and it is easy to work with it. I will probably take pictures of the brush for my next Sinful Colors post. To get full opacity I applied 2 coats, even with 1 coat it looks good but with 2 coats the color is richer and more beautiful. The color of Folly is pink, something between fuschia and raspberry. Looks really pretty and bright but it was very hard to catch it and on the pictures it looks little bit brighter. Probably most realistic picture is 2nd, that one is taken in the shade and the rest in the sun. 

Anyway I think I'm falling in love with this brand and can't wait to try next color.

In the end little reminder: my giveaway is ending today, there is just few hours left and make sure you enter it!!


  1. It looks great on you - I really like the bright pink colour!

  2. I love Sinful colors brand, this is a very nice shade!

  3. I love this color!!
    great post!


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