Wednesday, March 14, 2012

P2 Crackling nail polishes

Finally P2 Crackling top coats post! I wanted them so long and few months ago when I was in Germany I didn't let them escape! I have four out of six P2 Crackling top coats and they are: Silver Blast, Golden Rush, Violet Fusion, Blue Thunder.First  here is one picture with all of them on top of black nail polish. You can see that they crack pretty good (please excuse the silver one and my clumsy application). Each bottle has 11 ml of product.

Here is how each of this polishes looks on my nails:

First combination is P2 Silver Blast and Essence Into The Dark. As you can see P2 Silver Blast looks really opaque but I was surprised that it has matte finish. I really love this one especially with dark blue base.

My next combination was P2 Golden Rush with Essence Gold Old Buffy. I like this combo because Gold Old Buffy is black base with loads of golden shimmer and it looked good with golden cracking top coat. Before I applied Golden Rush I was afraid that it won't be opaque but there were no problem, still Golden Rush is my least favorite from four polishes that I have.

Next combination is with two P2 nail polishes: P2 Blue Thunder and P2 Black Pearl. I love this one. I really like the shade of blue in this polish and there is also a lot of shimmer which is always a plus for me. For this color to be visible on dark base I applied thicker coat of Blue Thunder.

Last mani is with P2 Violet Fusion and Rimmel Star Kissed. Violet Fusion is purple with a lot of golden shimmer, because of that it looks much different on dark and light base. When I was about to try this one I wanted to really see the color that I see when I look at the bottle, so I went with light pink. Rimmel Star Kissed looked great for that but still I had to apply very thick coat of Violet Fusion. In the end I think that this one is my favorite and I can't wait to try it with different base colors.

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  1. These are very pretty! I like the pink and purple, but that blue is very nice too!

  2. nisam baš za zlatne tonove, ali ostatak ekipe super izgleda :-D

  3. These look really neat! You chose "underwear" colors really well.

  4. I got these as well, except for the gold one. The violet one is my least favourite, and the silver is my favourite because of the opaqueness. :)

  5. prva kombinacija mi je naj! lijepo su popucali :)

  6. Imam sve p2 crackleove, ali mi je plavi najljepši!

  7. Ja imam crni i srebrni(drugih nije bilo :((( ),a Violet fusion mi je *_*!!!
    Sviđaju mi se kombinacije boja koje si odabrala ;))

  8. The blue shatter is so striking, especially against the black. I think that one is my fav :)


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