Sunday, March 11, 2012

NOTD + tag

I was tagged by Biberlee for 11 questions tag. I did the tag recently and this time I will only answer the questions because I've tagged so many people lately.  Before I start with the questions I will add my NOTD to this post. Nothing special,  love it and hate it in same time :) I used S-he 393, S-he 455, Essence Crack Me Black and some nail stickers.

Now the 11 questions and answers:

1. Your favorite piece of jewelry and why?
I don't have only one favorite piece of jewelry, but I LOVE earrings. 
2. Are you simple or complicated person?
I think I'm simple and I think that most people I know will agree on that- I don't like to complicate anything! (Which doesn't mean that I'm always successful...)
3. Which is the first book you read?
I honestly don't remember but first books that I owned were Hans Christian Andersen (Slavuj, Carevo novo ruho...)
4. Long or short hair?
5. 3 most important characteristic for a friend?
Knows how to listen, honesty and trust.
6. If you are a cake, what cake would that be?
7. Your secret recipe for relaxing is?
When I want to relax I listen music. I find something that suits me at the moment and it always helps!
8. The best advice you received?
I will replace answer of this question with one sentence that I read recently which can go here: "Some people feel the rain, others get wet."
9. Which part of your body you love and which part do you hate?
I always try to look at the hole picture. 
10. Favorite magazine? Why?
I don't read magazines. I rather buy a book and things that I like in magazines - fashion and beauty I find on line ( read: beauty and fashion blogs! )
11. Favorite childhood memory?
Hm...there are a lot of great childhood memories but one thing in common - my brother.


  1. love the mani especially next to the flower :)

  2. Queda muy bien el crackelado con las florecitas. Le da un toque diferente.


  3. I don't really like these cracking polishes but they look good on your nails!

  4. Prva asocijacija: pcelicaaa :D
    i jako mi se svida odgovor na pitanje broj 9..

  5. ovi cracking lakovi su mi super :)
    efektni jako.


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