Thursday, March 1, 2012

Preview: Catrice Limited Edition Revoltarie

Brown, green, grey, soft nudes and acid bright colors are part of new Catrice Limited Edition Revoltarie coming in April-May 2012. Revoltarie collection contains powder blush, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, lip brush and nail polishes. The Revoltarie collection looks good, again powder blush looks most interesting to me. Bright matt lipstick and Explosive Combination palette are also something I will definitely check out.
What do you think? Do you have any favorites in Revoltarie collcetion?

Powder blush: Color Bomb

Eyeshadow palettes: Toxic Combination, Explosive Combination

 Lip brush; Matt lipsticks: Color Bomb, Nude Alarm, Bloody Red

Nail polishes: Innocent Toxin, Attracting Camouflage, Color Bomb, Color Of Honor, Mission Lilac


  1. this packaging is so pretty! where did you find those pics? i just google it and couldn't find anything about this LE!

    1. All the Catrice and Essence press pics are sent to me by Essence/Catrice Team, I'm on their press list.

    2. Could you please us tell us what can we do to be in their press list?? thank you.

    3. I don't really know because they contacted me first but I will ask them what you need to do :)

  2. Divne su ove paletice :) Steta sko kod nas toga nema :(

  3. prva paleta je odlična,prva dva ruza i sve lakove lajkam :)

  4. svidja mi se, rumenilo mi je preslatko i lakici.

  5. yah, I am going with AWESOME!


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