Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preview: Essence TE Rebels

In April-May 2012 there will be another Essence Trend Edition called Rebels.The collection contains: cheek and lip pot, matte lipgloss, nail polishes and  mascara. I like that I see few different products in this collection, mascara and matte lip glosses are definitely something new. What do you think about Essence Rebels? I know that first thing I will grab is at least one lip gloss, it's a shame that there will be only two colors. Also rock top coat looks like something I will be interested in, at first it reminded me on Rock top coat from Re- Mix Your Style collection but if you look at it really closely it is different. I can't wait to see that one in real life.

There will be four nail polishes and one top coat: Mauve Like A Rockstar, Rebel Delight, Peach Punk, Rebelizer and Punk Royal

Two matte lipgloss: Mauve Like A Rockstar and Rebel Delight

Lips and cheek pot: Peach Punk

Spiderlash mascara: Punk Royal


  1. I thought there was more colours to rebels. :)

    1. No only four, this collection seams to be smaller then the other Essence collections :(

  2. lakovi mi se sviđaju, bar na slikama...

  3. Beautiful this collection! Too bad it does not sell in Brazil Essence ... (Forgive me if spelled wrong, I'm using google translator)


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