Saturday, March 3, 2012

Golden Rose lipstick no.53 and Classics nail polish no.28

Every time I see Golden Rose products I am tempted to buy something, but surprisingly so many times I managed to resist it. I have few nail polishes but that's it. For a very long time I wanted to try Golden Rose lipsticks, they have so many beautiful colors and many of my friends adore them and I heard a lot good things about them. First lipstick that I bought is number 53. Beautiful, bright pink. The color is gorgeous, it is wearable day and night but I prefer it during the night time. I was surprised how long lasting it is, this lipstick stays on my lips for hours. You can eat and drink without thinking about it and fixing it all the time. The lipstick is moisturizing and makes my lips soft, it is not necessary to apply lip gloss on top of it unless you want to because it has nice cream finish.
The packing is really nice,  lipstick comes in black and gold plastic packing and it contains 4,2 g.

The next thing I got is nail polish No.28. I have few Golden Rose nail polishes but all of them are nail art polishes and glitters. This is my first creamy Classics nail polish. It definitely won't be last because I really love it. I applied 2 coats for pictures bellow. The bottle contains 7,5 ml.

This gorgeous pink color drag my attention immediately but it looked little bit familiar. I was thinking and thinking and in the end I was sure that I don't have anything like it but as soon as I came home I realized that it looks a lot like Catrice Raspberry Field Forever. In fact they are almost the same, Classics is just a little bit lighter then Catrice but there is almost no difference. But between the two colors if I have to choose just one it will be Classics no. 28.

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  1. Amazing colors! i love it...kisses muuuaakkk

  2. Ruž je odličan! Svi hvale te GR ruževe. Ovaj lak je Classics, mislim da je isti proizvođač, imam i ja jedan lososasti i stvarno su lijepi. Pogotovo za tu lovu! :)

  3. Maybe it's the way the light is hitting the nail wheel swatches--I think I'd pick the Catrice. Not that it matters since neither brand is sold here. :)


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