Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretty little liars - end of Season 2

Season 2 of Pretty little liars has come to an end. For me this TV show is not the one I can't wait to see, I still watch it and I will probably continue to watch  mostly because, well I watch pretty much everything. But I'm not a big fan.Most of people end up disappointed after season finale but I didn't expect much and it was exactly how I thought it would be. The reason why everybody is disappointed is that they had high expectations and they believed that finally after 2 seasons we will get some of the answers. We didn't get the answers,  in fact I would be shocked if real "issues" in this show are solved and reveled.  The makers of the show tried really hard to make us believe that they gave us the answers but reality is they didn't. They only made look like it, but when Pretty little liars continue with Season 3 we will watch exact same thing. Because even though A is "reviled" now somebody else will take the part in torturing the liars because it was obvious that person who took the blame is not only one behind it.... and pattern will be the same.

I saw this picture few days


  1. Hahaha slika - win. :D Lol. Obozavam PLL. :] Jedva cekam trecu sezonu! <3 Btw, ko je A? :3 Mona, Melisa? :D

  2. Mona, ali dali su do znanja da je Mona radila sve to jer joj je NETKO rekao, što znači pravi krivac nije otkriven...

  3. poolako..prica jos traje :) Ja procitala knjigu do pola i onda stala posto mi je serija onako bas ok pa da ne kvarim :) A i Caleb mi je presladak :))

  4. I read spoilers so I know the deal and well.. I still like watching it lol.. I haven't watched it since I moved though (3 months ago) so I should def. catch up online.

  5. Aaaa ko ce da doceka 3. sezonu. :D Tek u junu je snimanje cini mi se. :/

    1. Ma ne, već je djelomično snimljeno. Počinje na ljeto ;) ne moraš još puno čekat :)


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