Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TV show - wishlist + a challenge

No matter how much TV shows I watch there is always a long list of those shows that I put my What To Watch list. Everytime when I start watching something from the list I happily remove it and I imagine how I'm one step closer to removing everything from the list when I actually add five more shows. Now I decided for a challenge, since there is always something that I wanna wach before something else I will post it here and then every now and then I will look back at this list and see where am at this time next year. I'm 100% sure that this list won't be complete in a year but I'm wondering how far I will get. So let's look at my wishlist first:

Parks and recreation

I will start the list with comedy. Parks And Recreation is on my list for a while and I really hope I will watch it soon. There are 6  seasons and 7th is running right now which is a lot but each episode is only 20 minutes so let's think positive! Main reason why I think this show is a must is Amy! 

30 Rock

If I said thatI love Amy you can guess that I also love Tina Fey. I've already seen some episodes of 30 Rock but I really want to see everythhing right from the start. Good thing is that I aready know that I love the show but there are 7 seasons. Again, we will stay positive because the show is ended so there are no more surprises about it :D


Another show that is ended, that has 8 seasons and that I saw few times before. I have a feeling when I start wacthing it will go pretty fast!


You know you will find little bit love and drama on my list - here is Greek. I want to watch Greek for such a long time that I don't even remember for how long. Hopefully this is the year when I finally will. The show ended in 2011 after 6 seasons!

Friday Night Lights

American football isn't something I'm interested in but I've heard so many good things about this show that I really want to watch it asap. I have a feeling that I could convince my boyfriend to watch it with me so maybe there is hope for this show. Friday Night Lights ended after 5 seasons.


Only thing keeping me away from Supernatural is the fact that I'm convinced that this show is too scary for me. I don't watch horor movies at all but it is time pass that. It is impossible not to be intrigued with Supernatural with so many fans all over internet. Supernatural is still running and there are 9 ( !!!! ) seasons.

The Americans

Now here is something from 2013 and there is only 13 episodes so far. That gives me hope for this show, that and the fact that this something my boyfriend would definitely watch with me so it will be much easier.

Under The Dome

Another new show with 13 episodes so far. My cousin recommended it and since we have exactly the same taste I know I will take a look as soon as possible.

Gilmore Girls

We will finsih the list with one of sweetest shows ever! I aready saw most of it but never in right order so I'm looking forward see everything from the start and I don't mind the episodes that I already seen.

And that's it!  Now when most of "regular" shows are on a break it is good time to start with something new. I believe it will be Supernatural but who knows...Interesting thing is that when I think about each show I'm sure I will watch it :D

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...what about you? What do you think about my list? If you saw some of these shows what would you recommend to watch first?

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  1. Od tih serija sam jedino Gilmorice voljela, ali isto kao i ti, cini mi se da sam dosta epizoda pogledala zbrda zdola nekim cudnim redoslijedom.
    Under the Dome sam odgledala, ali zadnje tri epizode jedva, prestala mi je drzati koncentraciju.

    1. Mene baš zanima Under The Dome, jedva čekam da krenem!


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