Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beauty UK Eden eyeshaddow palette and Voodoo nail polish

Today I have two Beauty UK products. These are my first two ( out of 3 ) Beauty UK products and it is not that I only had new brand to try out I also won these two products in giveaway so that is what makes them extra special for me! 

The palette is called Eden and it is made of beautiful neutral eyeshadows. You can never go wrong with something like this so you can guess that I really like this palette. I usually use it with eyeshadow base so they last the hole day. Now let's look at the swatches!

First row, especially first three eyeshadows are not very pigmented and even though I will use them less then others it is not impossible to find the purpose for them. Also in first row you can see two matte eyeshadows, all the other are shimmery.

If you think first row isn't something the second row will change your mind because these eyeshadows are gorgeous. They are pigmented and so, so beautiful. These are the ones I use the most.
Overall, this palette is perfect for everyday looks but you can also use it for some more dramatic looks and I'm more then happy because I have it in my collection!

Beauty UK Glam Nails - Voodoo

Beauty UK Voodoo is gorgeous dark red with shiny finish. I'm into reds again so this is something I wear a lot these days. The bottle contains 9 ml of product, it has nice, thin brush and it applies easily. 

Do you like Beauty UK products? What would you recommend?


  1. The palette is really nice, perfect for every day. And polish is gorgeous. :)

  2. paletica je krasna a lak baš moćno izgleda :D
    kod mene nijedan kozmo u blizini nema beauty uk :P


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