Monday, December 30, 2013

New in - December 2013

After few months I'm back with New In post. I will start with Christmas gift this year. I got bunch of Lush products :) You can expect each blog post for most of them. They are: Lush Soft Coeur, Lush Each Peach, Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle, Lush Snowglobe, Lush Lemony Flatter, Lush Honey Trap, Lush Nachstenliebe and samples of Charisma and Dirty Springwash. 

Lately I've been obssesed with Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning so I got beautiful gift with a shower gel and One Ginger Morning body butter. New scent from Tracle Moon that I got and that I really love is Warm Cinnamon Nights. 

Another Christmas gift is this cute mini I Love...Vanilla & Almond set which contains mini shower gel and body butter. It smells amazing!!! Perfect winter scent!

Now here it is something that I won in a giveaway only few days ago. It came in my mailbox today. I never tried Beauty UK products so it will be fun to play with these products. I got a nail polish - Voodoo, posh palette no.1 Eden and Define Fx Mascara. I'm so happy about all this especialy because this is something I will really use. Thanks Tina for hosting this giveaway!

After you saw the gifts that I got here is little something I got for myself this month. Today I couldn't resist OPI Austin - Tatious Turquoise and few products from Essence Ice Ice Baby TE: Let Me Hold Your Hand  hand balm and two nail polishes Junior Championship and Ice Skates On.

Few weeks ago I bought beautiful nail polish Essence Dark Night Starlight. Gorgeous purple ( looks blue on pictures ) but still untried because of nail art challenge. As soon as I finish it I will try this on my nails.

For a very long time Avon Care were my go to hand creams, now when I got this one I remember why. Lately my skin is very, very dry and it seems that this actually helps. Another Avon buy is Super Shock gel eyeliner. I have it for few days but I already like it very much.

At the beginning of December I got nail polish and a blush from Essence Beauty Beats, you can find out more about it here. I aslo got a blush brush Body & Soul from Muller, very good one.

Last product that I have for this post is Balea Kakao body butter. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it, it smells exactly the same as the one they had last year and I adore it!

Do you have any of these products?

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  1. krasni noviteti, jako mi je žao što nemam beauty uk u obližnjim kozmima, inaće bih i ja imala tu paleticu ;)


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