Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Essence Beauty Beats - Groupie At Heart

I pass on last few Essence Trend Editions but as much as I wanted the one I couldn't resist was Justin Bieber collection Beauty Beats. I really love this collection and I picked up nail polish and a blush. Fortunately I was talking on my phone the hole time so the display didn't get my full intention, otherwise I would probably end up with more products :) Two products that I got share the same name Groupie At Heart. Anyway, this had to be mine and I'm happy I have it :D

The blush Groupie At Heart looks really cute as you can see. The color is bright pink and it is very pigmented. It is also matte. When you apply this blush if you want soft and delicate look you only need a very small amount of product, and if you are looking for something stronger just apply little bit more and you will be happy with the result. This will probably be my go to blush for few days and then I might put it aside until spring because I prefer orange / earth tones in winter. 

Even though I know I don't need another pink nail polish I couldn't go home without Groupie At Heart. This is bright pink with gorgeous pink shimmer. Most of Essence bright pinks lose all the magic because they are usually too sheer but not this one. With two coats you get the opacity and it really looks pretty!

What do you think about Beauty Beats? Is there something you like?

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