Monday, December 16, 2013

Project 365 ( 203 - 209 )

Week 30...

Day 203: Reaching for number 4...

Day 204: When ever I do nail art I use this paper, right now it is a hot mess :)

Day 205: Hey Mr. Snowman!

Day 206: Today's new in... 

Day 207: Somehow I own a bunch of lip balms, I will probably write more about them :D

Day 208: I know I bore you with these pics but I'm on a roll right now!

Day 209: Christmas trees everywhere!


  1. Mmmm lip balms. I ovaj dio sa Hari Poterom, u pidžami ,kraj jelke. Super

  2. Snowman is so cute. Harry Potter all the way. <3


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