Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: #1

I joined 12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge hosted by Naild It NZA Gril With Some Clothes and From L&P To English Tea. Even though I don't have time to do anything these days I hope I will be able to complete this challenge because it will be so much fun as always! Theme for day 1 is:

My design is pretty easy. I painted my nails with  shimmery green nail polish Catrice Forevergreen except my ring finger which is white. I used tape to draw a green triangle and I added glitter with Essence Not Punky Nor Funky...and here it is my simple Christmas tree!

I used Catrice Forevergreen, Essence Ahoy, Essence Not Punky Nor Funky

Here is how the rest of the challenge looks like...


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