Monday, November 5, 2012

Mini haul + empty # 3

For me hand creams / balms are a must especially during cold days. I love Essence Winter edition 24 protection hand balms, I have Caramel Hot Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon Punch. Both smell so good, especially the red one. I wish Essence has these during hole year as regular product!
So far I had great experience with Avon AT hair products, I decided to try out Heath Protection Styler. I tried it only once and all I can say is that it smells great and that I hope it works. After I test it little bit more I will tell you my impression.
The last thing I got is Avon AT Dry Ends Serum. I don't know how many times I repurchased this one, really great product!

Now when I'm showing you few new items I can also show you few empty ones! 

Balea Handlotion Sheabutter Vanilla is product I had for months. The package contains 300 ml which is amazing, also it is very practical. It is not for carry around in your bag but great thing to have at home or at work. Sheabutter Vanilla was limited edition but Balea has new scent in the same package and I will definitely buy it. The quality of the product is good, is is little bit watery but it absorbs very quickly.

Balea Repair + Pflege Anti-Spliss Serum is the product that I've been using a lot, this was my replacement for Avon serum in first part of this post. When I started to using it I loved it very much, but now it doesn't seam to be that good especially in comparison with Avon. I don't think this is a bad product but for now on I think I'm not going back to it.

Essence Stay Natural concealer is great product, I will definitely repurchase it. Probably very soon. Most of the time I use it to cover dark circles under my eyes and it does really great job! Even though there is very small amount of product ( 1,5 ml ) I had it for months!

Did you buy something these days? What is your must product for winter?


  1. i love experimenting this hand creams *.*

  2. A bas se obradovah Balea serumu za krajeve..znaci da ne kupujem :)
    Iscedila sam zadnje kapi Semi Di Lina i sad treba naci nesto sto ce stititi kosu na minus beskonacno. Ako imas neki predlog, pucaj! :))

    1. Avonov serum je odličan, probaj s njim :) Balea nije tako loš ali problem kod njega što kratko djeluje. Staviš ga sve bude super al vrlo brzo učinak nestane. Ok je ako nemaš većih problema.

  3. lovely blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. Ovaj Avonov serum koristim već godinama i odličan je! Niti ne razmišljam o tome da isprobam neki drugi :) Mame me ove kremice za ruke od Essence-a, ako naletim na njih mogla bi uzeti jednu!

  5. željela bih probati essencove kreme ali se nemogu odlučiti :)
    koja je cijena jedne kreme?

  6. I bought Essence apple cinamon and I love it :)

  7. ovu kremu od balee imami ja i pisala sam o njoj u prvom postu. ove od essenca nemam,nisam ih vidila u dm-a a uskoro se otvara muller u jokera pa mozda tamo nađem


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