Saturday, November 10, 2012

My nail polish stash: red

It has been some time since I started with my nail polish stash posts. I got little bit lazy but I decided to continue it. I will start small and I'm gonna show you my red nail polishes. 
If you want to see my previous posts: white, sand, cream yellowbluegreen.

Basic Beauty nr.57 - classic red, this one has been on my nails many times and there is not much left in the bottle. 
OPI Gloria Red - I have this one since the summer, it was a gift in a Croatian magazine. Gloria Red and Basic Beauty 57 are dupes, I think that they are 100 % identical. 
p2 Open Your Heart - another classic red that I own. This one is slightly different then previous two because of the formula but they are very close. Usually I don't like when I have dupes in my collection but for the red nail polishes I don't mind because I know I will finish all of them.
p2 Fever - this one is little bit darker, shimery red. It looks very nice on the nails, almost like you have a foil. I love it very much!
Essence Once Upon A Time - from Fairytale trend edition. Deep red with red and golden shimmer, looks very pretty especially during fall and winter, perfect for holidays.

Click to see bigger version of the picture

Do you like red nail polishes? How many do you have? One or more?


  1. I ja, i ja :-)
    Imala sam taj essence Fairytale crveni,ali sam ga poklonila :-)

  2. Jako lijepi lakovi! Pogotovo Essence i P2 :)


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