Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catrice The Paris Collection

The palette I am using the most lately is Catrice The Paris Collection, it is part of Catrice Big City Life LE which contains eye and cheek palettes and nail polishes. I have Paris palette and nail polish. Both of them are  neutral, everyday colors. I still haven't tried nail polish on my nails but as soon as I try it update this post. What I did tried is the palette, which I'm using almost everyday since I got it. I love the colors, everything I need is on one place which is great for me right now because I'm not at home and this is great for traveling. Beside the eyeshadows and blushes, there is also kajal and applicator. Each eyeshadow contain 1.5 g and each blus contains 2,5 g.
The packing for Paris palette looks great:

Six eyeshadow shades, two blushes look like this:

Eyeshadow swatches:

Moulin Rouge blush:

Arc De Triomphe blush:

I would recommend this palette to anyone who likes subtle or neutral eye look, The Paris Collection palette has everything you need six beautiful eyeshadow shades and two beautiful blushes. So if you can find this thing don't think twice!
Do you like Catrice Big City Life limited edition? Did you catch anything?


  1. This is the one palette I'd buy if Catrice was available in my country, the colours are perfect for my everyday make up!

    1. It is a shame that so many people can't get Catrice, they should be available in more places.

  2. All I got from this edition was a nail polish! Beautiful palette.

  3. Gracias por visitarme.
    Tu blog es muy interesante.
    Un abrazo


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