Thursday, November 8, 2012

New TV shows - quick recap

It has been long time since my last TV show post but I didn't forgot about them :) I have seen some pilots and here is my quick recap!


Loveeee! This is probably my favorite new TV show. The story is based on comic superhero Green Arrow. The show is about Oliver Queen, rich party boy who survives boat accident and for five years lives on deserted island. The time he spent on the island changes him especially because he found out the truth about his and other wealthy families from his home - Starling City, that they didn't made their money on very honest way. When Oliver comes home he has a plan to bring justice. He has bow, arrow and everything...He is super strong, he can avoid bullets better then anyone while his hood stays in place :) He can do all that looking like this:

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Not bad right? The story is not bad and and it is interesting to watch this show. We can already see that there will be loads of turnovers, back stabbing and good looking characters. There are also few flaws but the good part wins. Probably the most interesting part are flashbacks that show what was happening on the island and how Oliver learned everything he knows. Love triangle is also inevitable :)

Chicago Fire

I heard about this show months ago and I couldn't wait to check it out. Main reason for that was Taylor Kinney. Pilot was so-so but I decided to give them another chance and continue to watch it. So far I really like it ( and it wasn't just because uncle Mason ), the story is developing and it gets better each episode. Interesting thing about this show is that there is so many familiar faces! Except Taylor Kinney there is Jesse Spencer from House and Steve form Sex And The City. Whenever I see him I'm thinking about Miranda :) But the coolest familiar face is Eamonn Walker, better know as Said from Oz. He looked so familiar and I was thinking and thinking and then it hit me...It is great to see him again!


Nashville is your typical drama TV show. This one is about country singer Rayna James, her best days are behind her and now she has to face new competition and find her place again. There are work / family / love problems spiced up with country music. Nashville is not something that will get you hooked immediately but it is nice show to watch.

The Mindy Project

As you can probably tell by the title, main character of this show is Mindy. If you like Mindy you will like the show, if you don't this probably isn't for you. All characters in this show are like Mindy, some people will find them likable and some will find them extreme irritating. I liked the pilot but the more I watch it the  less I like it. Most of the time they are not funny at all, but since everyone has a different sense of humor maybe you should give them a chance. 

The Mob Doctor

Lead role in this show is Grace Devlin. Grace is a surgeon, she works in hospital but she also works for mob because she is protecting her brother. So, you can imagine... She is running from one place to another all the time, she is lying to everyone where she is and what is she doing. She misses every single appointment... This show will probably be good if Grace was only working in hospital or only working for mob. Because now we have hospital / medical issues and same mafia / poker machines / mob boss issues with Grace's personal issues in the middle. Everything is little bit too much and in the end I'm not very interested about any of it. 
Rumor has it that The Mob Doctor doesn't have a bright future and it is most likely that there won't be more then season 1.

Beauty And The Beast

I've seen the pilot and I can put everything in only one word: NO! Everyone is familiar with original story about beauty and the beast but this show is not very watchable. It does fit in  CW profile and I usually like their TV shows but there is nothing about this show that makes me wanna continue to watch it. I don't know all together is just not persuadable. Detectives look like runway models, the story is flat and two main characters don't interest me that much. So i?m definitely skipping this one!

Have you see some of these TV shows? What do you think about them? Do you have any recommendations for me??


  1. Gde su serije, tu sam i ja :) Od svih ovih gledam samo Mob Doctora ali cu sad definitivno da poskidam i Arrow i vatrogasce :))

    1. I kakav ti je Mob Doctor? Meni je u samom početku bio dosta dobar a onda mi se nekako pogoršalo.

    2. Ne znam..sve mi se cini prestacu da ga gledam :)

      fala puno za vatrogasce..drzala me budnom nocas do 5 a ustala sam u 7 :))))((((

    3. Ha ha :)))) I mislila sam da će se tebi svidjet!

  2. Bas sam razmisljala da li pocneti gledati Arrow :)

  3. Arrow. Definitivno. Odlicna je! :D

    1. Ne, mislim, stvarno!! Pa imate li vas dve dusu? I nocas da ne spavam? :))

    2. A slušaj bolje ti je što prije dok se ne skupi puno epizoda :))

  4. Opaa, hvala za prijedloge:-) Kao da vec ne gledam dovoljno serija, ali nema veze:-)
    Arrow cu definitivno pogledati pilot, pa da vidim kako mi se svidi, a i Nashville mi zvuci kao nesto sto bi voljela gledati. Volim u americkim serijama to njihovo juznjacko otezanje,big hair i sve sto uz to ide ;-))

    1. Arrow je super, Nashville isto iako sam malo u zaostatku. Nadoknadit ću u nekim pauzama. Ako voliš američki jug pogledaj GCB, nažalost otkazano al isplati se gledat ;)

  5. don't understand the language but thanks anyways. loves nail polish addicts. Peace


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