Monday, November 12, 2012

My nail polish stash: brown

When I was going through my brown polishes I really wished that I decided to show you my nail polishes by brand because here we have few that could go to different category. However I will show all of them together.
Here they are all together on nail wheel:

And now here is the first part:

Make Up Factory number 051 - first color is tricky one. It is brownish but probably the best description would be terracotta. Anyway it is very nice, first time I painted my nails with it I didn't liked it at all but when I wore it again I thought that the color looks really good.
Avon Rave - this color is very shimmery, mostly there's brown shimmer but there is also pink shimmer so Rave looks different on different light. Most of the time is nice medium brown but on certain light it is rosy brown which looks very pretty.
Essence Just In Case - metallic medium brown
Avon Deluxe Chocolate - chocolate brown with brown and golden shimmer. I wish there is only brown shimmer because golden makes it look little bit weird, I don't like this one very much.
Models Own Bronze Rage - I got this one in a swap as a surprise gift. Very nice bronze color, great for summer.

The rest of my browns:

Essence BBC Golden Sands - Another bronze nail polishe. Very pretty, there are tons of shimmer and bronze flakies. It looks amazing in the sun!
Essence The Only Chance - beautiful chocolate brown. It is creamy and it looks very pretty on nails. I love it!
Catrice Lost In Mud - I love this one! This muddy color is perfect for fall, Lost In Mud is discontinued now but I remember it was a huge hit among Catrice nail polish line.
Essence Absolutely Stylish - Dark brown with green and pink shimmer. Beautiful!
Rimmel Sunset Bronze - My favorite brown ever! Shimmery warm brown. I have it for very long time and there is not much left in the bottle. For me this is the prefect brown, before I found it this was exactly what  I was looking for so for a very long time this was on my nails all the time.

And that would be it! I have most of these polishes for few years when I was crazy about brown nails, lately I don't use them much but I like them for Fall. Do you like brown nail polishes?


  1. Širok spektar nijansi i svaka je lijepa :))

  2. These lacquiers are so awesome! I love them all! : )


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