Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My nail polish stash: blue...

Today I will continue with my nail polish stash posts. I will show you my blue polishes. I'm not big blue nail polish fan but as the time goes by I love them more and more and every now and then I find the one I really need in my collection  So I decided that is time to stop saying that blue is not my color...and just go with it.

Essence Speed Of Light Blue- from Essence You Rock trend edition. One of my favorites, the color is very pretty and delicate. Looks beautiful at any time of year. Speed Of Light Blue was very popular when it came out because it is a dupe for Chanel Riva.
Maybelline Party Blue - pastel blue, also very nice. When I bought this one I was in a search for perfect light blue nail polishes. Party Blue is very pretty but between this one and Essence Speed Of Light Blue I'm would choose Essence.
Essence BBC Chasing Waves - from Bondi Beach trend edition. I love this color, to me this is a light blue but most people see it as minty green. However one of my favorite summer nail polishes.
Essence Forget-Me-Not - from Blossoms etc. trend edition. Forget-Me-Not is one of those colors that I really like but when I wear it something isn't working. Maybe is just my skin tone but I prefer this nail polish in the bottle or with some other colors. Not alone.
Catrice Up In The Air - It caught my attention immediately but same as Forget-Me-Not, beautiful color but I don't like to wear it very often.

Essence BBC Splash Refresh - from Bondi Beach trend edition. Perfect summer color, I love it!! Blue with green undertone, reminds me on sea. Creamy finish.
S-he 399 - From all the nail polishes I will show you today this one is the first one that I bought. I like the color but it is very sheer and it takes at least 3 coats to get the coverage.
Essence Pool Party - Very beautiful and very shimmery. Silver shimmer in blue nail polish looks great, especially in the sun. Love it!
Essence Blue Ray from holografics@com trend edition. This is not a holo nail polish, it is duochrome but very pretty. It goes from blue to purple and looks very nice.
Basic Beauty nr.66 - This is one of those in your face blues with metallic finish. If I remember correctly this is my second blue nail polish. I don't wear it a lot but time to time I really like having it on my nails.

Essence Chuck - My favorite blue nail polish. Amazing color, creamy finish.
Essence Into The Dark - from Vampire's Love trend edition. Darker blue with loads of silver glitter. Very pretty, perfect for cold days.
P2 Black Pearl - from Black Deluxe limited edition. One of my favorites. Black based nail polish with loads of blue glitter, together they make beautiful dark blue.
Essence Confetteria from Crazy Good Times trend edition. Blue nail polish with a lot of blue and orange/bronze glitter.
Essence Blue Addicted - Another blue based nail polish with a lot blue and green glitter. Blue Addicted can be worn alone but you will need 3 coats, with 1 coat over some other nail polish looks great too. One thing I hate about this nail polish is the application, very hard to apply it.

That would be it from my blue nail polishes. Next will probably be green. Which is your favorite? Do you like blue nail polishes?

There is one thing I forgat to mention in my last post. I will divide my nail polishes by color but I will exclude glitter and cracking nail polishes and post them separately. 


  1. Nice collection of blue polishes :) I also own Maybelline Party Blue. It is pretty light pastel blue, but not the prettiest I´ve seen.

  2. Love all of them! I'm terrible when buying polish, I always try to be the most interesting ones and then realise I'm lacking the standard colours!

  3. ajme... ne znam koji mi je od ovih bolji!

  4. I love blue polishes. My favourites of the bunch would be Essence Blue Ray and Into the Dark :)
    Nice stash of blues you've got!

  5. 90% of my nail polishes are blue! :D


  6. obožavam plavce, ne znam koja mi je boja savršenija od ovih što si ih izbacila *.*


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