Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Essence Ready For Boarding: Beauty On Tour lip and cheek creme and Via Airmail! nail polish

The same day I saw essence Snow White Trend Edition I saw Ready For Boarding Trend Edition as well. I bought two products simply because I have no self control when it comes to limited editions, nice looking displays and nice looking products.  I picked up lip & cheek cream Beauty On Tour and nail polish Via Airmail! I didn't plan to pick up anything but you know me...

Beauty On Tour lip & cheek cream is one of two available colors. This one is coral and it really is something I can wear on my lips and on my cheeks. The color is very pretty and summer appropriate. When I apply it on my lips I apply few layers and I get beautiful lip color which will be great for summer days. As the name of the product says it is very creamy, feels like I'm wearing lip balm and it is very comfortable which is my favorite thing when it comes to lip products. 
When I apply Beauty On Tour on my cheeks I only need small amount of product and I get natural look. I think I will mostly use it during the day. It is long lasting, it blends easily and it is very wearable. 
Beauty On Tour  has no shimmer which is another great thing about this product. The pot contains 2,5 g

The nail polish I picked up is Via Airmail! Beautiful color, creamy finish, applies easily and it contains 8 ml of product. This color looks a lot like Essence Chuck but this one is just a little bit lighter. Later today I layered Prince Charming over and they look really great together ( unfortunately I don't have pictures right now ).


  1. whoa, me likes i jedno i drugo. cheek cream je must!

  2. I was about to say it looks like Chuck but you wrote it first! :D The lip and cheek creme looks super pretty, very summer-y! I hope the t.e. arrives in Greece :)

  3. love the color of your nails <3


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