Thursday, June 7, 2012

Preview: New Essence Color And Go and Nude Glam nail polish range

Usually in the beginning of each month there are some Essence / Catrice news related to limited editions. I was surprised that there was nothing this month but then today I realized why. From August 2012 there will be new Color And Go and Nude Glam nail polish range, which will be part of standard Essence range in the fall/winter 2012. New colors, new bottles, new formula, new brush, new packing: from usual 5 ml to 8 ml. I can't wait for new range to come, when I look the preview pictures there is so many polishes that look gorgeous and I really want to see them in person! The colors look pretty and the new bottles are cute too. Most of the colors are new but not all of them. Some from current range will still be here, but some like Choose Me, Make It Golden and Blue Addicted will be history. 
Now let's look at the new bottles and to enlarge!

101 Absolute Pure, 102 Sparkling Water Lily, 103 Space Queen, 104 Sweet As Candy

105 Party Princess (NEW), 106 Free Hugs (NEW), 107 Naughty And Pink! (NEW), 108 Ultimate Pink

109 Off To Miami (NEW), 110 Modern Romance, 111 English Rose(NEW), 112 Time To Romance

113 Do You Speak Love? (NEW), 114 Fame Fatal, 115 Redvolution (NEW), 116 Gorgeous Blink Blink (NEW)

117 I'm So Very (NEW), 118 Little Miss Sunshine (NEW), 119 Boho Chic (NEW), 120 Cookie Love (NEW)

120 What's My Name (NEW), 121 Gold Fever, 122 Chic Reloaded (NEW), 123 1000 Miles Away (NEW)

 124 I Wanna Say Hello (NEW), 125 Absolutely Blue, 126 Date In The Moonlight (NEW), 127 I Love Bad Boys (NEW)

128 Let's Get Lost, 129 The Boy Next Door (NEW), 131 Ballerina Charm (NEW), 132 Break Through

133 Oh My Glitter (NEW), 134 Stuck With You (NEW), 135 I'm Bluetiful (NEW), 136 Love's Recipe (NEW)

137 Wanna Be Your Sunshine, 138 LOL (NEW) 139 Walk On The Wild Side (NEW), 140 Go Bold (NEW)

141 Icy Princess (NEW), 142 Grey-t To Be Here (NEW), 143 I'm The Boss (NEW), 144 Black Is Back

01 Cotton Candy, 02 Hazelnut Cream Pie, 03 Iced Strawberry Cream, 04 Iced Latte, 05 Cafe Ole, 06 Cookies And Cream

Here is what Essence team has to say:
- 44 new and trendy colors
- brilliant gel shine and effect: for a highly intense finish
- ultra fast-drying formula
- particulary long durability
- perfect coverage

What do you think? Do you like the colors? Do you like the bottles?


  1. Ima dosta zanimljivih. :] Svidja mi se sto ce biti 8ml. Zanima me samo cena. :3

    1. Koliko sam ja shvatila cjena će biti malo veća barem u 8 mjesecu. Kasnije bi se trebala vratiti na staro al nekako nisam sigurna u to...

  2. Oh wow, so many pretty polishes!!! :)

  3. It's good that they're bigger, but the bottle shape is ridiculous.

  4. Všeč so mi tako stekleničke kot novi odtenki. Se jih že veselim.

  5. Nema nijedne boje koja mi se ne sviđa, već sad želim najmanje 5!

  6. Bočice su prefine, a i boje, mislim da ću bankrotirati kad dođu na police. :D

  7. I like the new bottles, they are cute! I just hope the new brush is also good :D

  8. Super bodo nove stekleničke! :)

  9. wwwoooooowwww so many colours! >.<


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