Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My nail polish stash: white, sand, cream, yellow...

For a while I wanted to post my nail polish stash but since I'm too lazy to post my hole stash at once I will make few separate posts. I will divide my posts by color. I was thinking about dividing my nail polishes by brand but I think this way is better because now we will be able to see how similar or how different my nail polishes are. I have to admit this will be very helpful to me. Hopefully I won't find too many dupes in my collection, I already know that I have some but I think it is not much. For some people my stash will look very big, for some small, for some usual...I've seen much, much bigger and smaller collections then mine. When I look at mine I think I have too many nail polishes but in the same time there is always something on my wish list.
On the pictures bellow you will see bottles and swatches on nail wheel, hope it won't be confusing but if you have any questions or suggestions just let me know. Click on the picture to enlarge.

I going to start with white. I have few white nail polishes and mostly I'm using them as base color and for nail art. 
Essence White Hype - from Black and White trend edition. This one has matte finish and it is my absolute favorite white polish when it comes to nail art. 
Essence Ahoy! - from 50's Girls Reloaded trend edition. I like this one very much, it is shiny and it is great for nail art which was main reason why I bought it. With 2 coats you get full opacity.
Essence White Secret - little bit sheer, you need at least 2-3 coats...only used it as a base for nail art.
Essence Pro White French - very similar to White Secret but even more sheer. I think it would be good for french manicure, I never tried it like that...only as a base.
Essence Prismatic White - from trend edition. If you think that this one has holo finish you are wrong - it is douchrome. It looks very nice alone but I prefer colors on my nails, so another nail art polish.

Miss Sporty - I have this one for so long that I don't even know it's name. It has douchrome finish and it looks very nice in the bottle but it is very sheer on the nail.
Avon Pale Gold - Another douchrome. I adore it, even though the color is light I like to wear it alone not just as base because the color is stunning.
Max factor Whispering Ivory - beautiful color with a lot of shimmer. My only Max Factor nail polish.
Rimmel Rose Petal - I have it for long, long time. Great for french mani and great base nail polish.

Essence Irreplaceable - gorgeous color of sand with golden shimmer. Very pretty. 
Essence Mother Earth Is Watching You - from Natventurista trend edition. I like to wear this one when I'm get tired of bright colors...beautiful natural sand shade with silver shimer.
Essence Cut Off The Beige - from You Rock trend edition. Very similar to MEIWY but just a little bit darker and instead of silver there is golden shimmer. I bought this one first and sometimes I wonder do I really need MEIWY but since I like them both I guess I have to say Yes!
Avon Color Trend Cafe Au Lait - the bottle is almost empty but I haven't used it in a long time, probably because I have it for years.

Essence My Yellow Fellow - from Blossoms etc. trend edition. My favorite yellow nail polish. Pastel with golden shimmer. Stunning!!
Essence Mellow Yellow - very similar shade to MYF but this one has no shimmer, just nice creamy finish. 
Essence Sundancer - this is one of nail polishes that I got from my boyfriend. I use this color only in combination with other colors.
S-he 393 - almost the same as Sundancer but just little bit darker. Not my favority shade of yellow but works for nail art.
Julep Blake - looks a lot like Essence Mellow Yellow but this one is more shiny. Other then that I think they could be dupes. I really love this shade of yellow so I don't mind.


  1. oooooooo, jedva čekam ostatak tvog stasha!

  2. Ja imam sveukupno 10 lakova.. Ili 12. I moj dragi kaže - ajme koliko ih imaš. Moram mu počet pokazivati koliko ostale blogerice imaju :D

  3. I always love to see what other people have in their collection and can't wait to see more.

  4. Great post :) can´t wait to see rest of your stash :)

  5. joj joj, jedva čekam ostatak *.*

  6. I love Essence, I have almost the entire collection of Color and Go. Especially like one of your Essence Irreplaceable and Essence Cut Off The Beige))

  7. i love essence naiiiil polishs ;)

    nicec collection


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