Friday, January 27, 2017

Maybelline BB Dream Fresh

I'm always on the watch for foundations / bb creams that can give me natural look with little bit of coverage. When I'm out running errands or just groceries shopping I don't want heavy makeup but I do want something to cover up my often tired face and pale skin. Something that can be good if I need a little help to look refreshed and something I can apply quickly. Most of the time I like to use my regular liquid foundation but I don't always have time to apply a lot of makeup and sometimes I prefer something subtle. With that being said  I decided to try Maybelline BB Dream Fresh. I've been using it for a while and most of the time I don't like it very much. I don't hate it but honestly it is not a product I would repurchase. After I use it up I will move on and forget about it. 

On the photo above ( click to enlarge ) you can see 8 benefits this BB cream should give you but to tell you the truth most of the time when I have BB Dream Fresh on my face I don't even see the difference with and without it. Not even that "my face but better " effect which is all I ask for. Mostly it looks like I applied moisturizer. The reason why I didn't put this product aside is that sometimes...I guess when I have a really bad day my face does look little bit better. On normal day it doesn't do anything, I have to mention that I don't have any major skin problems except dark dark circles under my eyes and pale skin. I have Light Skin tone which matches with my skin tone perfectly, too perfect I would say if I can't even see it on my face. This is definitely the first time that I have something like this, something with such small effect. You can look at the swatch bellow...if you can tell on the right side I blended the you can see what I'm talking about.

Application is easy, you can blend the product without problem. Durability? Well I'm not sure what to say...if it doesn't make any difference on my face then it doesn't matter, right? The coverage is very light while the texture and smell are nice. It comes in a tube and it is easy to use it, there is 30 ml of product. 

In the end all I can say is Next please!

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