Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preview: Essence TE Home Sweet Home

Essence Trend Edition for November 2012 is Home Sweet Home. The collection contains: blushes, eyeshadows, lip sticks, lip gloss, nail stickers, nail polishes and a purse.

Knits For Chicks

Wool-d You Cuddle Me?

Light The Fire, Place

My Home Is My Castle

Happy couching 

Red-y To Relax; Berry Me Home

Mugs And Kisses; Neither Swedish or Nor-wegian 

 Caramel Cheese Cake; Red-y To Relax

Hot Fruit Punch; Berry Me Home

Knitted With Love 


  1. nice blog:D

  2. koliko noviteta kod njih! ono prvo rumenilo mi izgleda odlično,zatim ruževi i lakovi,pogotovo ovi crveni.

  3. Bas bih voljela kad bi nam ovo doslo,posebno prvo roze rumenilo i ta dva ruza.Volim njihove ruzeve,bas zato sto tako sheer,kao jace pigmentovani balzami


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