Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy was on my wishlist for years. If I remember correctly I got a sample right when it first come out and I fell in love with it immediately. This is Marc Jacobs Daisy Black Edition in 50 ml bottle. To me scent is absolutely beautiful, it is fresh, elegant and perfect  for the night but of course I'm wearing it during the day as well ;) I just love it so much! The scent is also long lasting but is not too strong. Most people recommend Daisy for Spring, but even now when it is cold it is really beautiful but I'm also looking forward to wearing Daisy in spring and summer.  Daisy is of course floral scent, with jasmin, violet and gardenia as middle notes. Top notes are blood grapefruit, violet leaf and wild strawberry while base notes are musk, white woods and vanilla.

The bottle is gorgeous just like all Marc Jacobs bottles ( how cool is new Dot bottle?? ). The bottle itself is black and simple but the stopper is what makes all Daisy bottles to stand out, three golden flowers! Love it!

Do you like Marc Jacobs Daisy? What is your favorite perfume right now?


  1. OhOhOh I have not even seen these yet!! I just picked up the little pink Jelly flower Daisy for my sister!! I love it!! Can't wait to go see what this one smells like!!

  2. Bočica je baš lijepa i elegantna :)

  3. probala sam testere u limonia i super mu je svaki miris

  4. I really love Marc Jacobs Daisy scents. I already emptied one bottle and I'm planning to buy another after I drain my mini size cologne. :)


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