Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Golden Rose swatches: 269, 322, 307 and 328

I love Golden Rose nail polishes. They have great color range, application is nice, they last for few days without chipping and they have affordable price.Today I want to show you my swatches of four Golden Rose nail polishes.All the colors are creamy with no shimmer, my swatches are with 2 coats of each nail polishe. Each bottle contains 12.5 ml.

Number 269

First one is number 269, this one is really pretty. One of those color that you can't really categorize, the closest would be coral pink. Ether way it is beautiful.What I love about color like this is that is always appropriate, no matter what you do or where you going color like this always look good.

Number 322

Lately I'm in love with colors like Golden Rose 322. Bright red coral, this is amazing summer color but I will have no problem wearing it all the time. Love it!

Number 307

Nail polish number 307 is cream pink. Every pink lover will love this one too. 307 like all nail polishes I'm showing you today looks very nice on nails, beautiful finish like this makes me want more Golden Rose nail polishes :D

Number 328

Last one today is number 328. 328 is neon pink, I adore neons so this one had to be mine too :) Only thing about this one is that is little bit sheer, even though I applied 2 coats for the pictures nail line is still visible and 3 coats or white base would be much better. Other then that the color is awesome!

Do you like Golden Rose nail polishes?


  1. Ja ih imam dosta, ali nesto ih u zadnje vreme izbegavam. Stidim se da kazem, ali najvise ih izbegavam zato sto nemaju ima nego brojeve :D

  2. Prvi mi je najljepši :) Ja nemam niti jedan jer nemam pojma gdje se kupuju :D

    1. Šteta što ih nema dm ili kozmo da budu dostupni svima, znam samo da ih ima u OS u portanovi.

  3. Uh, jedino njih koristim. Imam potrebu da svake sedmice imam drugaciji lak, a oni su kvalitetni i jeftini! :)

  4. boje su krasne,zapisala sam 3 naj naj


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