Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nina Dobrev style transformation

I miss The Vampire Diaries so much, fortunately new season is starting tomorrow. I can't wait to see new episode but until then here is one post dedicated to Nina Dobrev and her style. Nina is beautiful girl and I love her in her role of Elena and I love her even more when she is Katherine. 
Few years ago when Nina Dobrev was just started to be more popular I didn't liked her style at all!There was always something wrong,  every time I would see her I would ask myself Why????? because most of the time she looked like this:

But then somewhere a year ago things started to change a little bit...I don't know what it was, pobably a new stylist...and Nina started looking better!

The dress that made everyone notice Nina was Donna Karan at Emmy Awards 2011. I like to watch award show red carpet and that night Nina was one of the first that arrived. She looked gorgeous in this gown! I'm not a big fan of mermaid gowns but this one  fits her body perfectly that I just have to love it!! She was stunning!

After Donna Karan dress things just got better and better...

Nina's style is interesting and versatile she is not stuck in one look and I'm always interested to see what is she wearing. Before it was just because I'm a The Vampire Diaries fan but now I have something to see!

All I can say in conclusion is:

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What do you think about Nina and her style? Love it or hate it? Are you happy because TVD is back???


  1. Tacno sma mogla prepostavit da ces se oglasiti nekim VD postom pred pocetak nove sezone :-)
    Jedva cekam sutra :-)
    Nina mi je divna, u tim toaletama mi je nekako vise Katherine i utoliko bolja.
    Super ta zadnja slicica,on je lik :-)

    1. Znači toliko sam predidljiva :)) Jače je to od mene :)

  2. i mi doma jedva čekamo novu sezonu :D


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