Monday, October 29, 2012

Skeleton manicure

Last night I did my first Halloween manicure this year. I wanted to have skeleton on two nails and this is how it turn out to be. I'm happy with this mani even though there are more then few flaws. This is my first attempt of skeleton mani so next time would probably be better but I can give you few tips if you want to try something like this. I used nail dotting tool to draw a skeleton, I used big one and the smallest one ( the one from 15 nail art brushes set ). That small one is the key of success so if you don't have it I recommend toothpick because you need thin lines. Also it is important to pay attention to the space (notice how my poor skeleton has damaged left leg bone and that bottom part is bigger then the up part   ). However this mani is cool enough that all those little mistakes are negligible and I love it anyway  .

Nail polishes I used were Catrice Back To Black and Essence Ahoy

Do you have your Halloween mani yet?


  1. Super je! Ja ne bih ovo znala nacrtati. :)

  2. Odlična je! Volim ove manikure sa spojenim prstima! <3

  3. super je, baš mi je đir spajat uzorke na noktima, bravo :D


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