Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E.l.f. Stipple Brush and Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette Warm

In December and January E.l.f. had great deals and sales ( some are still on ) on their web page and that was a great chance to get some of their products! I purchased stipple brush and Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette 32 Warm.

Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette 32 Warm

My first pick was 100 eyeshadow palette but when I had my order it was out of stock. I got 32 Warm instead and that is probably better for me because here I have colors that I will actually use, in 100 palette there is so many beautiful shades but I prefer neutral and Earth tones so this is better choice for me. In Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette there are shades of peach, pink, purple, brown and grey and also white and yellow eyeshadow. Most of eyeshadows are shimmery but there are also matte eyeshadows. Most of the colors has good pigmentation and with eyeshadow base they last the hole day, there are few colors that are not pigmented at all, maybe 4-5 eyeshadows. The palette contains 32 eyeshadows, one double applicator and a mirror. It is not too big so it doesn't take much space and if you are traveling this is a great choice to take with you. You can see color range on the pictures above, in my opinion all the colors are great for everyday and I think that I will use all of them. Also, even though I still didn't try it I think that you can do a really good night look with it. The palette is currently on sale and the price at e.l.f. UK is 3,75£.  
Now let's look at swatches! Click to enlarge! 

First row
Second row
 Third row
Forth row

Stipple Brush

Reason why I wanted Stipple brush is cream blush and foundation. When the brush first arrived I wasn't very excited about it. The brush is fluffy, soft and there is no much fiber so I thought there is no way this could be any good. But after I used it few times I can say that it is not bad all. I don't have anything to compare it with, but I think that it can do the work well. When I applied foundation and cream blush with it there was no problem and I was very happy with the result. Of course if you have Sigma or Mac you don't need this one and you probably won't even like this one but for the price of 3,50 £ I think that this isn't a bad brush and it is worth to try it out. 


  1. Una paleta preciosa. Me encantan las sombras marrones.

    Y la brocha tipo mofeta, se ve genial. Espero que no pierda pelos como la mía.


    1. I hope so too, but so far everything is good!

  2. I also have that e.l.f. palette, and it is amazing. I've swatched it against my Urban Decay naked palette and there is a dupe for every color!

    1. Really? That is great! Naked palette is my dream I have to check that out on your blog!

  3. I also want to buy a stippling brush, I think Im gonna order from Sigma >.<

  4. I didn't put it on my blog yet :( But I will very soon!

    1. I was looking for it yesterday and I noticed that it is not there yet :) I can't wait to see it!


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