Saturday, January 14, 2012

Essence Legends Of The Sky and Catrice Hidden World

Few days ago I saw Essence TE Legends Of The Sky in my local drugstore. It was full display and surprisingly I didn't take anything home with me. I should probably remember that day because that didn't happen for a very long time. One way or another I always end up buying at least one product from Essence TE.But you never know what will happen next time when I'm around :) When I was looking at the press photos from Legends Of The Sky I thought that eyeshadow palette and at least one nail polish will be mine, but when I saw them in the store I realized that eyeshadow colors are not really something I like to use and nail polishes are too similar to the polishes that I already have.So, nothing for me this time.

Here is also picture of Catrice Hidden World display. Again, nothing for me. I almost bought a lip gloss, but then I changed my mind because I seriously have too many of lip glosses....and I'm trying to be rational...for now :)


  1. Šteta što većina essence kolekcija u moj dm ne dolazi, ili kasni po 6 mj! :/

  2. Meni se to pocelo cesto dogadjati u zadnje vrijeme,vec sam se zabrinula,sada mi je lakse kada vidim da nisam jedina;)

  3. You are right! These companies have a new limited edition every month so some of them are definitely not my style. Save your money for a future LE that will fit your style. :D I have too many lipglosses too, I have to use them before they go bad.

  4. Congratulations on Resisting - it has always been one of the areas I have had trouble with... all I need is a Shop Assistant telling me 'You need this product' for me to go into Zombie-mode and say: 'You're right I do need this product. Yes, I already have this perfume at home but I love the LE bottle!'

    Anyway, great post on a great blog - keep up the great work!

  5. prekrasna kolekcija"!


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