Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gossip girl & Glee - half way to the end of season

Gossip girl Season 5 is back after a break, new episode came out last night. I will probably watch it later today. Before this season started I wasn't excited about new episodes. I still watch Gossip girl every week but this isn't a show that I can't wait to see, it is more a just a habit for me. I thought that this season will be so bad but I have to admit that it is not bad at all. It is not great either but it's ok. In my mind everything happening this season is going towards to the end of the show.I don't see what could happen anymore, there is nothing we haven't see seen. Pretty much the plot is going in circles and I would like that scriptwriters decide who will be with who and that they give proper ending for all the characters.

New episode of Glee is tonight. Glee is on Season 3 now and so far I am very disappointed. When I remember  first season when Glee was my favorite show...when I couldn't wait to see new episode. Now all that is gone. From all episodes this season I think I liked only one. The plot is going in circles and there are episodes that nothing really happens, even the singing part is not interesting as it was before. I hardly ever give up on shows that I watch but Glee might be the one that I stop watching.
During the summer there was lots of rumors about part of cast leaving Glee for the spin off, but few weeks ago it has been confirmed that that won't happen. I think that is the good news.


  1. Slažem se za Glee da je puno bolja bila još ona 1. sezona kada je sve to bilo novo i onako super. Sada se sve nekako već vrti u krug pomalo....

  2. I can't to put my series sagas in order, I havent been able to watch any this week >.<.
    I will post what I bought during sales time, hopefully very soon :)

  3. i couldn't agree with u more when it comes to GG... i hope they decide who will be with who (hopefully Chuck and B) cause this is getting a little tireing...



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