Friday, January 27, 2012

Nail art: Snow flakes

Outside the sun is shining but it is freezing! There is no snow and it doesn't seem like is going to snow, but on my nails there is a different story! Few months ago I found cute nail stickers with snow flakes and I decided that now is the time to use them!

The products I used: S-he 455, Essence Chasing Waves, Essence Romeo, Essence Chuck and Essence BTGN top sealer + sponge and nail stickers

First I applied S-he 455, then I used sponge and applied the rest of the colors: light blue, silver and darker blue. First I wanted to go with only two colors light blue and darker blue, but then I decided to add silver too because this way it looks more frosty and also transition between colors is better this way. After all the colors dried, I added another coat of glitter nail polish and then I added nail stickers :) I like the way it looks in the end! This is my second time using sponge for nail art and I absolutely love it. The effect is amazing and polish dries very fast. In the end I applied Essence top coat to protect the design!

The picture are taken under artificial light.


  1. Ti tudi pogrešaš sneg :)
    No sem vesela da nisem edina :)

  2. joooooooj, imam puno plavih lakova, ali ovaj plavi mi je jedan od najdražih, baš mi je drago da vidim kako ga netko drugi koristi! super su nokti!

  3. dobri su, malo si me zezla s ovim naljepnicama ;-D

    1. na slikama izgledaju kao da su nacrtane ali uživo se ipak vidi da su naljepljene :D bila sam razmišljala da crtam al sam se predomislila...imam hrpu tih naljepnica za nokte a slabo ih koristim :)

  4. Nice mani! That Chasing Waves bottle is so great--I've not seen that before. It's probably a good thing we get almost no Essence here--I'd want to buy them all. :)


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