Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pretty little liars Season 2 winter premiere

Pretty little liars are coming back tomorrow. Tomorrow we will have a chance to see what is new with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer...and hopefully we will find out something more about Alison and about mysterious A. For me this is one of those shows that you loved in the beginning and then as you continue to watch it you slowly forget why are you watching it in a first place. I remember last year when I was very excited about new episodes... now not so much, but we will see how it goes. Main reason why Pretty little liars are not among my favorite shows is because I have a feeling that we will never find out something really important about Alison's death and A. However that is not enough reason for me to stop watching it :) I hope second part of Season 2 will be more interesting and concrete.

Promo looks promising...


  1. ja sam nekako propustila i prvu sezonu...
    sretna ti nova draga :-D

  2. hvala, također :)
    mislim da je i bolje što si propustila...navučeš se i onda se stalno pitaš zato gledaš...a ja znam samo kako započet gledat sve moguće, još nisam savladala prestanak gledanja neke serije :D

  3. Hahaha, znam kako je čekati i čekati nove epizode...bez serija ne mogu!


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