Saturday, January 7, 2012

p2 Black Deluxe Black Pearl

P2 Black Pearl is beautiful nail polish I bought when I was in Germany. It is such a shame that here in Croatia we are not able to by p2. I'm very happy that I got this beauty! Black Pearl is black nail polish with lots of blue glitter. It is absolutely  beautiful. I was little bit afraid that black glitter won't be visible on my nails but it is perfect. It was hard to catch real color on my nails with camera but if you look at bottle that I'm holding in my hand you can see the color pretty realistic. The bottle contains 11 ml of product and is easy to apply.


  1. so cool nails colour! cam to visit my blog and if you like we can follow each other (also on facebook!) ...keep in touch!

  2. I really like this colour...Im a sucker for black polishes and this adds something special.

  3. Really amazing glitter nail polish!! Great post!

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