Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Essence SC Orange Sunset vs Andy you're a star

In my last post I mentioned that Essence Orange Sunset and Andy you're a star look very similar. Here is a closer look. I took both polishes  and they really do look almost the same. Orange sunset is just a little bit brighter than Andy you're a star, but it is also has more pigment and when you have one coat of OS it looks like two coats of AYAS.

You almost don't see the difference, wright?
Here is picture of my hand, where all my nails are polished with Orange Sunset, except middle which is Andy you're a star.

Even though both polishes are very similar, my favorite is Sun Club Orange Sunset. That is because it has more pigment but that's it. If you already have Andy you're star there's no reason to buy this one too...but then again if this is exact orange shade you imagined on your nails for this summer go on :)

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